To play on ZHI Time Warp, we recommend an UO Mondain’s Legacy installation: if you already have an older installation of UO (es. UO Renaissance/Second Age) please uninstall it, backing up the Desktop folder if needed.
Once you will have the new client installed, to old one will stop working.

  1. Download UO Mondain’s Legacy files and install it: Ultima Online – Mondain’s Legacy.exe 761,5 MB
  2. Download ZHI Time Warp customization files (self-extracting zip): ZHI Time Warp ML.exe 19,8 MB
  3. Unzip the customization files on your desktop, then select all files and copy/paste them OVERWRITING the original UO Mondain’s Legacy files, that, by default, is installed in C:\Program Files\EA Games\Ultima Online Mondain’s Legacy
  4. Run directly the client.exe executable from that folder (version – DO NOT autopatch) in Windows XP Compatibility Mode (right click -> properties -> Compatibility)
  5. Change your password at first login and set your email address (.password and .email commands)
  6. When in game, go to a Bank and check the color of the trash can of wonders: if it is now glowing pink, you didn’t install the customization files correctly
  7. Enjoy!