Archivio news del mese di December 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
I’m hiding four snowman on Sosaria, inside chest, crate, bag or other container.
Each snowman has been named “Natale 2015”, and they last until 6th January, when the not founded ones will be destroyed.

If you find one of them you could exchange it, until 31 January, with a SPAWNPOINT (5 respawn, cooldown 1 day) of a farm animal, or with a mount coulored like you want (anyone says ...

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Script News

  • Reimplemented POL093-style skill gains
    • Added two decimals in skills window
  • Fixed a bug with autoloop while smelting items
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Quest News

– Air’s Mini-dungeon is now Open
Maucromio and Jointo Smoke have built the Gwenno’s Memorial monument at Yew. When built a mystical force coming from Etherea permeated the Memorial and it opened a passway for Air’s Mini-Dungeon. Inside it one can found a clue whispering the minidungeon should be four: Earth, Air, Fire and Water… and there is more…

– Dread Spider spawn
First Dread Spider’s respawn ...

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Ten little newbye

Treasure hunt inspired by Agatha Christie’s book “Ten Little Niggers”.
Ten tresure hunt, one for every verse of the nursery rhyme. When one found the loot, I’ll give the next clue.

We are at the third verse, soon the fourth.

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Script News

  • Removed incativity disconnection timeout
  • Removed 100 loops limit on autoloop
  • “I am stuck and cannot move” help menu option is now back in place
  • Fix: it is no longer possible to heal and do actions while hidden
  • Item ID’s autoloop is now available also for bodies
  • .move command now accepts a limit parameter. Eg: .move 10 to move up to 10 items
  • Items can now be repaired even when not inside the main ...
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