Quest News

Earth mini-dungeon, the one a Black Guard tied to the under passage of the lighthouse and then hidden to protect the divine relic “Calice di Ossidiana”, after a lot of adventures, is now back to Cove, near the God Earth’s Temple. The Word Gate could be open where you see the gravestone.
Now the minidungeon is back at his real place, inside it it is active a teleport rune (step on it to be teleported to Cove).

Sorrow Door, and relative mini-dungeon, has disappeared (perhaps cause nobody has played the song which had revelead it the first time).

The passage between Lost Land lighthouse and Yew has been restored (thanks to Bodom, I forgotten the intermediate section and connected directly the two location…).

Dread Spider spawnpoint will be placed on Terathan Dungeon, on Sosaria wilderness and on WInd Cave on Thursday. The spawnpoints are provisional and could be removed or modified.